Discover Tech Park, the choice location for start-up companies, small businesses, mid-sized companies and major corporations.

SECURITY & OPERATIONS. The infrastructure behind the infrastructure. 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.

24 HOUR SECURITY.   The facilities are monitored 24 hours a day by roving security patrols and by closed circuit television cameras. Security cameras provide panoramic views of parking areas, access roads, and many interior doors. All perimeter doors are alarmed and access is controlled by an electronic keycard access control system that is monitored from the onsite security control center. Security also monitors HVAC and fire alarms from the control center.
FIRE PROTECTION.   Tech Park is rated as a highly protected facility and features fire rated building materials, smoke and heat detection systems, alarms, strobes, and fire sprinkler protection. The Coldwater Road Firehouse (Town of Gates Fire Department) is located across from the south entrance to the park ensuring a quick response to any possible emergency that may arise. HVAC and fire alarms are monitored onsite on a 24 hour basis.
OPERATIONS.   The operations departments are onsite day and night, working to ensure a safe and reliable infrastructure for our tenants. The operations departments employ teams that run the utility plant, monitor and maintain all mechanical systems and utilities, and keep the grounds in order 365 days a year. The experienced and dedicated individuals working at Tech Park truly represent a dependable infrastructure behind the dependable infrastructure at Tech Park.