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UTILITIES. Tech Park's own utility company located on site provides exceptional reliability for tenants.

ELECTRIC.   Redundant electric distribution systems at Tech Park provide exceptional reliability for occupants. The site is located adjacent to two 115kV transmission circuits and has experienced only one short-term outage in over 20 years. Multiple 115kV to 12kV transformers are located at the site in a substation owned by Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation. Existing transformer capacity exceeds 84 MVA and provides ample power for site expansion. From the substation, redundant primary voltage underground feeders supply most buildings.

Most buildings have redundant building transformers and switchgear to provide 480/277 volt, 3ph, 4w service for motor, process, building HVAC, and general lighting loads. Separate power and lighting distribution panels are nominally rated at 600 amps. A number of buss ducts are located throughout the complex. 120/208 volt 3ph, 4w distribution systems provide power for outlets and receptacles utilizing transformers and panels throughout the complex. Many of the systems have been upgraded with K-rated transformers to control harmonics. Emergency generators provide standby generation for egress lighting, fire alarms, security and communications systems.

STEAM.   The steam system has a capacity of 201,050 lbs/hr via five water tube steam boilers and is distributed at 210 and 15 psig pressure levels. The boilers have dual fuel capability and are fired with natural gas or #6 fuel oil, which ever is the most economical. The #6 oil tank capacity is 190,000 gallons and is protected by an earthen dike.

CHILLED WATER.   The chilled water system has a total capacity of 16,500 tons and is distributed at 44 degrees F to the HVAC and manufacturing customers. The system is comprised of three steam driven centrifugal chillers, three steam driven absorption chillers, and four electric driven centrifugal chillers.

COMPRESSED AIR.   The compressed air system has a total capacity of 16,250 scfm and is distributed at the 90-psig-pressure level to HVAC and manufacturing customers. The compressed air system is comprised of six reciprocating Ingersoll-Rand compressors ranging from 1,750 to 3,000 scfm each.

DOMESTIC WATER.   Domestic water is brought onto the campus at three locations. The first location is from a 12-inch Monroe County Water Authority (MCWA) main on Elmgrove Road through a 16-inch underground line to Building 51. The other two underground lines both originate at the MCWA main on North Road. One 16-inch underground line connects to the Building 3 pump room and a 12-inch underground line connects to the Building 9 pump room.

SEWERS.   There are two sanitary sewer outlets from the Tech Park Campus. The first is a 6-inch underground line from Building 51 to an 8-inch Monroe County Sewer Authority (MCSA) main on Elmgrove Road. The second, a 24-inch underground line from the site, through the metering pit and into the MCSA main at Manitou Road. There are two storm sewer outlets from the Tech Park Campus. The first is a 12-inch underground line from the retention basin to a 48-inch main at Elmgrove Road. The second is an 8-inch underground line from the retention area to a 24-inch storm main at Manitou Road.

Additional information about utilities at Tech Park is available from Peter Chapman at 585-295-1250 x114 or at