Discover Tech Park, the choice location for start-up companies, small businesses, mid-sized companies and major corporations.

INFRASTRUCTURE. Companies at Tech Park can depend on our safe, reliable and efficient infrastructure.


Tech Park is served by its wholly owned utility company located on site in Bldg. 51 that provides steam, chilled water, and compressed air services via underground tunnel to our buildings. Rochester Gas and Electric, the public utility, provides the electric service. Power is distributed at 13,200 volts to the high voltage load centers and is further distributed at 480 and 120 volts. Natural Gas is carried to Building 51 by a 6-inch underground line that draws from an 8-inch Rochester Gas and Electric main on Elmgrove Road.   Read More


Tech Park is configured for present and future high-speed voice and data communications. The Park is pre-cabled with single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic cable and also with a copper voice backbone. Every tenant has the ability to choose voice and data services from several local providers, making any voice, data and internet services available to tenants. Lead times for voice and data services to the tenants remain short due to the proximity of providers within each of the buildings.   Read More


Site security and operations at Tech Park provide safeguards that give tenants the sense of security one should expect when locating operations in a professional business park. Stationed security personnel monitor all activities and alarms from the onsite Security Control Center while roving units patrol the campus on a 24 hour basis. The operations departments employ teams that run the utility plant, monitor and maintain all mechanical systems and utilities, and keep the grounds in order 365 days a year.   Read More